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Benriner USA Brand – Benefits and How to Locate a Benriner USA Brand Wholesale Distributors

Benriner USA Brand – Benefits and How to Locate a Benriner USA Brand Wholesale Distributors

Benriner is an award-winning food service distributor. This award-winning slicer and food prep
tool was created by Japanese inventor Uyuki Yamamoto. Learn more about Benriner, a leading
food service distributor, in this article. Below, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of purchasing
Benriner products. In addition, we’ll talk about how to locate a distributor near you.
Benriner is an award-winning food service distributor
The Benriner knife is the perfect tool for slicing vegetables. Made in Japan, this knife has a
sleek design and 3.7mm thickness. Its stainless steel blades are razor-sharp, making it the
best choice for chefs and food service distributors. Benriner knives are also very easy to
clean. You can use them to make a variety of dishes from sandwiches to mashed potatoes.
It was invented by Uyuki Yamamoto
If you are a fan of fine Japanese cutlery, you must check out the Benriner USA brand. This tool
was created in Iwakuni City, Japan, in 1940 by Uyuki Yamamoto, a chef and a radish slicer
inventor. The radish slicer is a versatile tool that helps make slicing vegetables easy and
It was the need for slicing vegetables that prompted the grandfather to start a company in
Japan. He used leftover lumber pieces and gathered blacksmiths and skilled craftsmen. The
result was a device that sliced vegetables and fruits, called a Benriner Slicer. The name
Benriner stuck and the company began to grow. Today, Benriner is a household name that is
recognized for quality and durability.
It is a Japanese slicer

Benriner is a Japanese slicer maker with many advantages. The brand’s blades are heat-
treated and compressed for a superior edge. Its four interchangeable blades allow you to slice

everything from vegetables to thread-cutting them. Benriner also offers julienne, chopping, and
shredding options. Its mandolin style slicers are designed to cut vegetables evenly, and the
brand’s julienne blades are designed to cut through even the thickest pieces.
Benriner slices apples and carrots quickly and easily. They are easy to use and come in three
different sizes. You can select from fine, medium, or coarse blades. The blade is adjustable
and comes with three different cutting settings for perfect results. They also feature an
ergonomic handle to hold them easily while making slices. There is also a safety guard on the
blade for added safety. This slicer is made in Japan from stainless steel and comes with a
limited warranty.
A mandoline style slicer allows you to control the thickness of the slices. Many plastic slicers
aren’t finely adjustable and require the user to buy different blades to produce different
thicknesses. Benriner’s adjustable nut allows you to make paper-thin slices or thick slices. The
Benriner’s slicing blades are also adjustable, and its patented safety guard helps prevent cuts
to your hand.
It is a food prep tool
A mandoline slicer is an essential kitchen tool that allows you to quickly slice fruits and
vegetables with even thickness and uniform slices. Benriner’s Mandoline is an essential part of
any kitchen and comes with 4 interchangeable cutting blades that will help you make all types
of vegetable preparations. In addition to slicing and julienne vegetables, the mandoline comes
with a finger guard and comes with one fixed straight edge and three replaceable blades.

The Benriner mandoline is a popular Japanese food preparation tool and is extremely
versatile. A radish slicer is a great example. The blade is easily adjustable, so you can make
different-sized slices with ease. It even comes with a stainless steel cutting mat. It is easy to
use and has a sturdy non-skid base for stability. A grater is similar in design but has a longer
blade, so it’s easier to clean.
You can find a variety of mandolines in the market today, but a Benriner mandoline is the most
convenient to clean. Chefs love this tool, and it can be used with different blades. The
Benriner mandoline is designed to produce smaller, more precise cuts. Its patented design
allows you to change the blades to suit the cut you’re making.


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