Home Shorts The 9 Best Shorts for Men to Wear for 2021 and Beyond – The Manual

The 9 Best Shorts for Men to Wear for 2021 and Beyond – The Manual

The 9 Best Shorts for Men to Wear for 2021 and Beyond – The Manual

The summer may officially be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t shop for some of our favorite shorts and be ready for next season. Some of the best men’s shorts are still available, and if you pick them up now, you’ll be ahead of the game come spring. Or maybe you have been planning on taking a tropical vacation during the winter. In that case, you will need a new pair of shorts for the occasion, perhaps even a new swimsuit.
There are plenty of options for casual shorts for men. Most fall into categories of travel shorts — the denim short, the jean short, the cargo short — and yes, sometimes even hiking shorts. Thankfully, you can still find warm weather clothes online like on Amazon, or by simply searching “best summer shorts for men” or for more dressy items, “best casual shorts for men.” Either way, you get the idea. You should be able to find some nice and comfortable shorts and maybe even a great short sale for your winter getaway or for the coming summer season.
Casual shorts range anywhere from denim shorts to cargo shorts and even stretch chino shorts. Even though they may be considered ultra-casual, you can still dress them up. Even though jean shorts have been making a comeback, the denim shorts didn’t make the list this time.
An affordable, classic silhouette you can either dress up or down. Bear Bottom has got you covered if you want a casual short with a higher-up fit on the leg. All the shorts are made for everyday adventure wear and constructed of cotton and spandex for the ultimate fit.

Just like every guy needs lounge shorts, they also need chino shorts. Seven-inch inseams are known as the traditional fit of shorts. Their length is just above the knee — not too long and not too short. And nobody does tradition better than Ralph.

The Commission shorts are durable casual shorts made to handle all types of wear and tear. Oh, and they’re comfortable, too, thanks to their four-way stretch fabric. Lululemon is known for its activewear, and these shorts were made for movement and quick-drying but with a casual look.

These quick-drying shorts by Buck Mason are cut from blended cotton with four-way stretch with a 6-inch inseam that’s perfect no matter the weather is. These shorts have an elastic waist, drawstring, and a drainage hole in the back pocket for those times you just need to jump in the lake.

It doesn’t matter what season it is, athletic shorts are a necessity especially for those early morning gym sessions or for just running some quick errands (weather permitting, that is). Speaking of running, the crisp fall weather helps to keep your heart rate and dehydration levels low. Basically, you can run farther and longer.
You should always have a pair of running shorts or workout shorts on hand. Running shorts are designed to be lightweight for easier movement; think short shorts for men. They typically feature inside liners to act as underwear, so you don’t have the chaffing from tight-fitting underwear.
Workout shorts, on the other hand, are designed to wick away moisture and regulate your body temperature better. They are also more breathable, so you can have an effective workout session. Here are our top picks for running shorts, workout shorts, and some can even double as swim shorts.
Runners love 3-inch inseams because there’s less restriction of movement. Running is inherently minimalistic, requiring hardly any gear. These New Balance shorts serve their purpose well, and they do simple style well too.

Tracksmith is also known for its running shorts, but these mesh shorts are great at setting up that classic varsity-prep styling found on university campuses in the 1960s. These antimicrobial shorts are lightweight, hit the sweet spot in inseam length, and are stitched together in three different panels for added comfort.

These are some of the most versatile shorts. The One Short allows you to train, swim, and live your best life because of the lightweight material. Fabletics has created a streamlined fit that is quick to dry and has anti-stink technology. Whether you are out for a run or at the gym, the built-in secure zippered pocket will hold your keys, so you don’t drop them on the running path or accidentally leave them next to a machine.

Vuori makes the Kore short an excellent classic athletic fit short that falls just around the knee. They are available in a variety of colors, all with moisture-wicking anti-odor material. We don’t technically recommend going commando, but if you must, you can because of the breathable boxer brief liner.

These are the ultimate running shorts, made for training and an active lifestyle. The athletic shorts are made with a lightweight and breathable material for a comfortable fit.

Depending on the shorts, you can wear a long-sleeved button-down or a short-sleeve shirt, a polo shirt, and even some T-shirts will work. No matter what type of top you go with, you need to make sure the shirt fits well and isn’t too long. When it comes to footwear and men’s shorts, you should stick with boat shoes, loafers, sandals, flip flops, and even sneakers made of leather, suede, or canvas. Just try to avoid wearing your tennis shoes with your casual shorts, those should be reserved for running or workouts.
When you are wearing athletic wear or athleisure clothing, keep in mind the activity you will be doing. Your main running or workout attire should consist of a well-fitting shirt, shorts, socks, and appropriate running shoes or workout tennis shoes.
When choosing a running shirt, you have several options. You can wear a short-sleeved shirt with moisture-wicking material for quick drying, you can wear loose-fitting tank tops or loose-fitting athletic T-shirts. You should wear a pair of socks that are synthetic or something like merino wool which will help absorb sweat. Cotton socks are typically reserved for light workouts. Your shoes should have a proper toe fit of about a thumb’s width of space between your toe and shoe. Your foot arch and heel should feel snug and not too tight.
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